Twitter ideas for Mother’s Day

May 5th, 2011

Twitter accounts are very popular and can be a valuable asset to almost anyone who can read and type. Twitter allows you to obtain breaking news, sports news, and information about your friends, family, work, and favorite celebrities all with the touch of a button.

Creating a Twitter login account for mom can be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day this year! Login Twitter now to spy on what your favorite celebrities have planned for their momma for Mother’s Day.

Did you know: Miley Cyrus recently tweeted that she will be enjoying Argentina with her mother this weekend.

What plans did you make for Mother’s Day this year? Tweet about it!

Accidental tweet results in some serious cash!

February 21st, 2011

Accidental tweet results in some serious cash for a great cause!

Recently, an employee at the American Red Cross accidentally posted a tweet about beer to the official Red Cross Twitter page.

The Red Cross has allegedly removed the accidental beer tweet and joked that their organization “is sober.” Unexpectedly, however, the employee’s inadvertent beer post resulted in at least one brewery encouraging donations to the American Red Cross on their Twitter page.

It is heartwarming to know that even huge workplace mistakes can be turned around and used to benefit a national organization.

Needless to say, before you login Twitter to post a tweet, always make sure that you are logged in to your personal Twitter login page and not an official workplace page.

Recent study shows that Twitter users are happier than those who don’t tweet!

February 6th, 2011

A recent study involving two groups, Twitter users and non-users, revealed that Twitterers may possess better social skills, including a happier mood and a more positive mind-set on social interaction than people who don’t use Twitter. The Twitter group significantly outscored the non-Twitter group on multiple personality and mood tests, including much lower social anxiety levels.

Kind of makes sense though, right? Think about it. The most social people LOVE Twitter. Barack Obama loves it. Lady Gaga loves it. Celebrities and sports stars lust for the opportunity to blurt out their opinion and exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

Of all those celebs, if we don’t include Kanye West in the list (kidding), they’re all relatively happy individuals it seems. Yeah, we get to see our friends and heros get mad every day on Twitter, but let’s face it. THAT’S NORMAL! That’s life…

In fact, maybe Twitter offers that perfect outlet for everyone. It could be frustration, love, anger, or even excitement that fires you up. Getting it off your chest and sharing it with not just someone, but everyone via Twitter.

Rock on, Twitter login. Our job? We’re just trying to keep everyone happy…

Twitter challenges secret FBI subpoena publicly

January 27th, 2011

Recently, Twitter was successful in challenging the Federal Bureau of Investigation, better known as the F.B.I., after an alleged attempt by the FBI to obtain confidential and private information about the Twitter accounts associated with WikiLeaks.

In recent news, WikiLeaks has hit headlines for it’s uncensored approach to coverage of secret or private data leaks regarding important United States classified information. This included “Cablegate” of 2010 – the release of thousands of documents regarding the US stance on worldwide diplomacy.

The FBI has likely probed for information from other social media networks such as Google and Facebook, who were apparently more willing to co-operate with these hush-hush government subpoenas than Twitter has been. How do you feel about the government probing your Facebook or Twitter login account?

Justin Bieber tweets about another appearance on CSI

January 12th, 2011

Latest tweets on suggest that Justin Bieber will be a guest star on popular TV show CSI. People are now swept with the anticipation of many primetime television premiers beginning February 2011 and there is a ton of Hollywood gossip floating around. The latest story is that Justin Bieber will appear once again as a guest on ‘CSI’.

Justin Bieber appeared as a guest star on ‘CSI’ last September when he was cast on the show as an aggressive and defiant teenager. Speculations have already begun to soar about what character Bieber will be playing this season! Be sure to check out Twitter login and stay up to date with Justin Bieber’s latest tweets.

Did you know: There was a flimsy Justin Bieber rumor that ‘Glee’ would feature Justin Bieber’s music in an episode. Sadly, this all turned out to be a false alarm.

Twitter login provides unique Social Network opportunity for global networking

January 10th, 2011

What would social networking be without the introduction of Twitter in 2006? Today, almost everyone has a Twitter login account. In fact, since its launch in 2006, Twitter has an estimated 190 million users.

Unlike other social networking websites, Twitter provides users an opportunity to reach a worldwide audience and participate in a global discussion.

Did you know:  There are more than 750 tweets sent every second, that’s more than 60 million tweets per day!

The term tweet refers to a text posted to a user’s Twitter profile page. Tweets are typically short and sweet, up to 140 characters or less, and can be viewed by the general public. People post tweets about current news and events, as well as any other information that they want to talk about or share with a wider audience.

Twitter provides a security option to make tweets private, but it is likely that very few individuals actually choose a private Twitter profile. After all, why bother posting a tweet if only a select group of people can view it?

Twitter becomes 2nd most popular login website

August 25th, 2010

Twitter recently became the second most popular website for users who Twitter Login. Websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Hi5 that are all social networks have been letting users log on to a profile page and upload photos, videos, and information about yourself.

Twitter is in serious competition now with the top website in the world, Facebook, as trends indicate Twitter will continue to rapidly grow. Facebook login is currently about ten times as prevalent as Twitter login amongst worldwide users.

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